Why do I need Internet Security OTG?

Free antivirus only provides a basic level of virus protection. Internet Security OTG offers complete 360-degree protection offering features like online Banking & Shopping Protection, Browsing Protection, Parental Controls and protection for your mobiles which freeware does not provide.  Internet Security OTG updates at least 5 times a day in the background to ensure you’re protected from the very latest threats. Free products typically update every 1 to 2 weeks leaving you vulnerable to the latest cyber-attacks which can spread rapidly.

If you have any other devices, particularly mobile ones, they are just as vulnerable as your PCs & laptops to malware, phishing scams & identity theft.  Internet Security OTG is really good value for money starting at just $9.99/mo., and if you get it now for your mobiles and tablets, you can add it to your PC later when your existing subscription runs out.  Award-winning  Internet Security OTG prevents your devices slowing down including mobiles, tablets and computers. Malware, adware and other unwanted applications have an impact on your device performance and keeping your mobiles and tablets clean will mean you can enjoy much better performance.

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