What speed results should I be getting?

  1. Ideally you will get an average of at least 65% of your purchased speeds when testing with an ethernet (hard-wired) connection.
    When testing make sure your wireless is temporarily turned off from the router, or manually turn off all wireless devices before testing.
    Wireless connections have many factors Windstream can’t control, so we cannot guarantee wireless speeds.

    Ethernet (hard-wired) speed test expectations:
    Billed speed           Minimum speed test result
    1.5Mbps                  .975Mbps
    3Mbps                     1.95Mbps
    6Mbps                     3.9Mbps
    10Mbps                   6.5Mbps
    12Mbps                   7.8Mbps
    15Mbps                   9.75Mbps
    20Mbps                   13Mbps
    25Mbps                   16.25Mbps
    50Mbps                   32.5Mbps
    100Mbps                 65Mbps
    1GB/1000 Mbps      650Mbps

    Many ethernet ports on computers and other devices are limited to 100mb. For instance, if you have a 1GB connection, but don’t get speeds over 100mb, please check the manufacturer’s specifications of the network adapter you are using to be sure it supports 1GB or 1000MB speeds.

    If your speed issues are only with wireless devices, or you only have wireless devices to test with, look at our section on creating the best wireless experience.
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