What is the Emergency Broadband Benefit program (Covid relief)?

The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a new federal program to help qualified households lower their monthly cost of internet service and save on a connected device during the pandemic.

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I already qualify for Lifeline. Can I participate in this Emergency Broadband Benefit credits?

Yes. Emergency Broadband credits can be used simultaneously with Lifeline credits on your Kinetic by Windstream account. However, both credits cannot be used for the same thing (i.e. internet or phone). Since this credit is for internet service only, we recommend you use your Lifeline credit for phone, so that you can use this Emergency Broadband credit for your internet service.

What if I am currently behind on my internet service bill?

No problem. You cannot be disqualified from receiving these Emergency Broadband Benefit credits because of past or present overdue balances.

If I receive these Emergency Broadband Benefit credits, is there a charge if I have to cancel or disconnect my internet service?

No. You cannot be charged an early termination fee if you need to disconnect or cancel internet service.

What is "covered" under the $50 credit?

The up to $50 credit will be applied to your monthly internet service, as well as your monthly modem equipment fee.

Do Tribal lands qualify for the same discounts?

Tribal lands qualify for an up to $75 credit per month.

Can existing Kinetic by Windstream customers participate in this program?

Yes. If an existing Kinetic customer qualifies for the Emergency Broadband Benefit, the credits can be applied to your monthly bill. Follow the steps provided above to apply.

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