All Primary Windstream Shield Packages Now Include McAfee Multi-Access.

Looking for an all-inclusive internet security solution that will protect multiple devices like PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets? Windstream now offers McAfee Multi-Access (MMA) with all Security Packages. As the number of online threats continues to grow, so does the way in which those threats can reach you and your family.

Windstream offers a multi-level, integrated security suite that provides antivirus, firewall, anti-phishing, PC optimization, and more. McAfee software supports all browsers.

With McAfee Multi Access software through Windstream, you can install any combination of devices and manage your all your security from one account – wherever you connect. McAfee Multi-Access is available in Shield Lite, Shield Standard and Shield Premium.

With McAfee MMA now included in Windstream Security Packages you can:

  1. Cover up to 3 devices with one security package
    One license protects any three devices you choose. 
  2. Locates lost mobile devices
    Missing smartphones, tablets and Kindles can be tracked, locked, and wiped clean.
  3. Protect your identity
    Advanced threat protection guards your privacy and sensitive information. 

Devices Supported:

  • PCs
  • Macs
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets


  PC Mac Smartphone (Android) Tablet (Android)
Anti-virus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-spyware Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-phishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Firewall Yes Yes
Web Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Spam Yes
Parental Control
Data Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Home Network Defense Yes
File Shredder Yes
Mobile Device Lock Yes Yes
Remotely Wipe Data from Mobile Device Yes Yes
Backup and Restore Mobile Data Yes Yes
Locate and Track Mobile Data Yes Yes
Locate and Track Mobile Devices Yes Yes
App Protection Yes Yes
Call and SMS Filter Yes
Uninstall Protection Yes Yes

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