Complaint Procedures

If you experience a problem, please follow the steps outlined below:

First, contact our customer service center or retail store and tell us about your problem. If your problem concerns the signal quality of your cable service and we cannot resolve it over the phone, we will immediately schedule a service call. (We do not repair televisions or customer-owned audio or video equipment.) If a technical problem has occurred such as a power outage affecting a large number of our customers, it is possible for our telephone lines to become overloaded with calls. You may receive a busy signal in this instance because your neighbors are also reporting the problem. Please be assured we will act to resolve your service problem as soon as possible. In the vast majority of cases, we can promptly resolve any problem that you may experience. All reasonable efforts will be made by our service technicians and other employees to resolve any complaints concerning the technical quality of service promptly and efficiently. If our service technician fails to correct the problem, you may contact our office and we will review the complaint and the corrective action taken. If we are not able to take any further action to correct the problem, we will promptly inform you of our determination and the reasons we cannot correct the problem. If you believe our investigation and handling of a complaint is deficient in some manner, you may contact the local franchising authority.

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