How do I fix picture problems?

Try these steps:

  1. Check other channels to make sure this issue is not isolated to one channel. If it is just one channel, it may be coming from the channel source and not your Kinetic system.
  2. Check the cables from your receiver to your TV and the cables coming into your receiver. Are they snug? Also make sure the input settings on your TV match the type of cables you are using. For example, HDMI or component & RCA cables.
  3. Restart your receiver. Press and hold the power button firmly for 10 seconds and the receiver will reboot. This process will take about 5 to 8 minutes and will interrupt any DVR recordings in progress. The LED (just to the left of the POWER key) lights green to indicate the unit is powered on and active. When active, LED flashes each time you press a key on the remote control. The LINK light (middle of the receiver) lights green when receiving a video stream.
  4. If the lights on the receiver are not green, check the cables connected to your Residential Gateway. Make sure they are snug and secure.
  5. Restart your Residential Gateway. Keep in mind this will interrupt your TV and Internet service, as well as any recordings in progress. Unplug the power cable for 10 seconds and plug back in. Wait until the services lights are green. It may take up to four minutes.
  6. If your TV is connected to a Kinetic wireless set top box:
    1. Verify the signal strength from the wireless Access Point. Signal strength is indicated by the number of illuminated bars on the front panel indicator:
      • Five bar segments lit green: excellent signal strength
      • Four bar segments lit green: very good signal strength
      • Three bar segments lit green: signal strength is good (minimum acceptable strength at installation)
      • Two bar segments lit green: signal strength is fair
      • Two bar segments lit amber: signal is weak. Video may be affected.
      • One or tow bar segments lit red: signal is very weak. Video is affected.
      • No bar segments lit: no wireless connectivity
    2. If signal strength is inadequate, try reorienting or relocating the Wireless TV receiver or the Access Point for improved reception.
  7. If you are still having problems with your picture, call Kinetic customer support at (800) 347-1991.


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