How do I fix sound issues with my Kinetic TV service?

Whether your volume is stuck on mute, audio just doesn't sound right, or your home theater system is quiet we can help you diagnose and fix your problem.

  • Make sure the mute button has not been pressed, or that the volume has not been turned down on both your TV and your Kinetic remote control.
  • Try tuning to another channel to see if it is an isolated issue.
  • If you are using a home theater system, make sure the power is on and the correct output is selected. Make sure the volume has not been muted and is turned up on that system.
  • Make sure all connections are secure.
  • If you are able to get sound from your television but not the Home Theater please refer to the User Guide for your home theater as the different brands can vary greatly. 
  • If you still have no sound at all restart your receiver. Press the power button firmly for 10 seconds until the unit powers off. Press again to turn back on. This process will take several minutes.
  • If the problem persists restart your gateway. Keep in mind this will interrupt your TV and internet service including any recordings that are in progress or scheduled. This will take several minutes.

If your issue is still not resolved please call or Kinetic customer support at (800) 347-1991.


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