How is my bill format changing?


This page will be updated as new information becomes available throughout the migration process.

To better serve our customers, Kinetic by Windstream is consolidating billing systems. Over the next several months, you will notice a change to your bill format.

The following changes will occur:

  • NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER: You will be assigned a new account number, which will display at the top of your Kinetic bill. Please update your records with your new account number, as you will need to reference it with any correspondence, communications or payments.
  • NEW REMITTANCE ADDRESS: The payment remittance name and address has changed, and the updated information will be reflected on your new invoice. Payments will need to be remitted to Windstream. The new address is P.O. Box 9001013, Louisville, KY 40290-1013. Please update your records and mail your payment to the new address to ensure your payments are posted in a timely manner.
  • BILL PAY OR AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS THROUGH BANK: Double check that your automated bank payment reflects your new Kinetic by Windstream account number and remittance address to ensure timely payment.
  • NEW PRODUCT NAMES: You may see some changes in the product or service names on your invoice, please rest assured there have been no changes to the services or products you are receiving.
  • SPEED CHARGES: Any applicable speed fees are now included in your internet plan cost and not as a separate fee. There is no price change to your service.
  • INVOICE DUE DATE: You may have a change to your invoice due date effective with your first invoice post migration. If you are on AutoPay, re-enrollment is not required.
  • BILLING PRORATION: If your invoice due date changes, you may see prorated charges on your new invoice.

Click HERE for a preview of the new bill format.


Q: Will there be any changes to my bill?
A: Yes. You will now be billed out of a new system post migration. Beginning with your new Kinetic bill, you will notice changes including but not limited to account numbers, payment due date and payment remit to address. Additionally, the format and layout of the invoice will appear differently. Click here for a simple guide to help you interpret your new bill.

Q: Will my AutoPay still be in effect?
A: Yes. You do not need to re-enroll for AutoPay with your new account number. Please review your bill for any draft day changes. If you need to make changes to your AutoPay setup, this can be done through Go Kinetic, our customer portal.

Q: Will I still have access to my past bills?
A: Yes, you can access previous bills in Go Kinetic.

Q: Will I still see the previous account number on my new bill?
A: No. Your previous account number will no longer appear on your bill. Please use your new account number as a reference when calling about your account.

Q: What is the Paper Invoice Fee?
A: Customers who currently receive (or wish to receive) a paper bill will be charged a Paper Invoice Fee. The fee associated with your printed invoice will display as Paper Invoice Fee under Monthly Charges on your invoice. To avoid the Paper Invoice Fee, you can sign up for paperless billing my visiting Go Kinetic, to download and print invoices.

Q: Is there a late payment charge?
A: Yes; however, you will not see a change to the amount charged. Any balance unpaid by the invoice due date is subject to a late payment charge. Please refer to your Kinetic bill for the payment due date.

Q: Are there any additional charges that may be assessed to a late payment?
A: In addition to the late payment charge, an additional Collection Fee will be applied to accounts of customers with any unpaid balance when the previous month’s bill has not been paid in full prior to the next billing date for customers in the following states: AL, GA, KY, MO and MS. Customers AR, FL, MN, NC, NE, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC AND TX will see an Internet Collection fee on internet past due balances in addition to a late payment penalty.

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