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Bill Info

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Account Summary and Payment Stub

Important Customer Service Numbers: If you have any questions about your bill, please call Windstream Customer Service at one of the numbers listed.

Account Summary: Quickly see the most important billing and payment information here, including previous charges and credits, current charges by type of service, total amount due and due date.

Payment Stub: Tear off this portion of your bill and return it with your payment. You can make changes to your address and provide comments back to Windstream on the back of your payment stub. Please include either your billing number or your account number on your check.

General Customer Billing Information

General Information: Information about paying your bill is included in this section.

Taxes, Surcharges and Fees: Taxes, surcharges and fees assessed by federal, state and local governments are explained in detail in this section, as well as other fees that may appear in the bill detail section of your bill.

Explanation of Call Codes: Various features associated with a call are indicated by a call code, including the time of day in which a call was made. Some of these call codes may appear in the bill detail section of your bill.

Bill Detail

Account Detail: In this section, all your monthly service charges are shown and all your calls are broken down individually. This is the section that provides the most detail about your bill.

The first items you will see in the account detail section are the summary of payments and adjustments and the summary of current charges. In the summary of payments and adjustments, these charges and credits do not apply to be any one specific service, but instead apply to your overall account. For example, any payments or credits made to your account since your last bill will appear first in the account detail section. Late payment fees will also appear at the beginning of the account detail section.

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