What you need to know about our expiring program and how to join our NEW one:

Key points:

  1. Our current program will close on June 1, which means your current referral ID (the one beginning with AEN) will no longer be active.
  2. Any orders submitted with an AEN on or after June 1, will not process.
  3. Joining our new program requires you do sign in to Go Kinetic – that's where you will see your new custom referral code.
  4. We’re making AWESOME updates – we don’t want you to miss out!

Why is there a new referral program?

We’re creating the experience you deserve. Our all-new program offers easier ways to share, cuts reward payout time in half and gives you an easy-to-use custom code! No need to create a separate referral account – simply log in to Go Kinetic to find it!

What will happen to my referral ID (AEN) on June 1?

Your AEN will no longer work when trying to apply to new orders after May 31st, 2023.

What happens if I still refer with my AEN after June 1?

If you share your AEN after this time, your friend will not receive the benefits of being referred and you will not be eligible for rewards. Please share your new referral code with them instead – this is found in your Go Kinetic portal.

What if I have referrals pending before June 1?

Pending referrals will be honored. Please check your email for more updates regarding your pending rewards.

Where can I find my new referral code?

On June 1st, log in or create your Go Kinetic account. You will find your new referral ID in the Refer-A-Friend tab by selecting “more.”

Do I need to be a Kinetic customer to refer?


What if I don’t have a Go Kinetic account?

Go to to begin the account creation process.

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