Long Distance Service Included Calling Features

Our Long Distance Service includes our 13 most popular calling features. Calling features include:

  • Caller ID Deluxe – Identifies the name and telephone number of incoming calls
  • Enhanced Call Waiting – Notifies you when someone is calling you while you are on another call. You also have the option to cancel call waiting if you are on a call and do not want to be interrupted.
  • Call Waiting Caller ID – Identifies the name and number of waiting calls.
  • 3-Way Calling – Allows you connect a third person to your two-way conversation.
  • Call Forwarding – Allows you to forward all incoming calls to an alternate number.
  • Preferred Call Forwarding – Routes specified incoming calls to an alternate number.
  • Selective Call Rejection – Allows customers to automatically reject calls from specified numbers.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection – Allows you to reject incoming calls where the dialer has blocked their number.
  • Selective Call Acceptance – Allows you to specify which telephone numbers you accept calls from.
  • Call Return – Allows you to call back the last incoming call.
  • Repeat Dial – Allows you continue to dial a busy number until a connection is made.
  • Call Selector – Allows you to distinguish certain incoming calls by programming telephone numbers to receive a distinctive ring tone. A unique call waiting tone will also apply to the programmed numbers.
  • Speed Calling 30 — Allows you to program up to thirty numbers for speed dialing with an abbreviated code.
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