Windstream Digital Phone Service Battery Backup

If your Windstream home phone service is provided over Windstream’s fiber optic network it will require a power source to operate. If there is a power outage your voice services will not work this includes calls to 911. For this reason, you may want to consider purchasing a battery backup unit.

Windstream strongly recommends you consider purchasing a battery backup for use with your voice services during power outages. These optional battery backups can be purchased online and at a number of retail stores and are used to maintain phone service in case of a power outage. Having a working phone during those times will allow you to call 911 and temporarily maintain home alarm systems and any medical alert services.

What type of battery do I need and where can I purchase one?

Windstream’s equipment is provided with an AC adapter. Battery backup equipment that supplies at least 120VAC@1 amp, can be purchased online or from a number of retail stores. The price may vary based on the capacity of the equipment and the length of time the battery will provide power.

Should I monitor the battery backup?

Yes, it is important that you regularly monitor and test your battery backup. Windstream recommends testing your unit at least once a year. For specific testing directions or information please refer to the manufacturer’s website or call them directly. Manufacturer information can usually be found on the battery itself. Please note, Windstream does not warranty battery back-up units, if a battery failure occurs, please contact the manufacturer to determine whether your battery is under any warranty. Also, battery backup is not covered under Windstream’s Broadband Protection Plus, Managed Network Security CPE, Modem Rental Program, or Inside Wire Protection plans.

Will Windstream install my battery backup equipment or do I install it myself?

You have options:

  1. Self-installation - You can also install the battery backup equipment yourself. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a safe, successful installation.
  2. New service installation - If your new service installation requires a technician to come to your home and you have purchased a new, compatible battery backup unit, a technician will install the battery backup at no charge to you.
  3. Existing service - If you are currently a Windstream customer and would like a technician to install a new, compatible battery backup you have purchased, a technician can install your equipment for a charge. Costs vary for installation. For more information, please call 1-800-347-1991.

How do I dispose of a battery?

Please make sure to dispose of your old battery properly. We encourage you to be environmentally friendly. For more information about recycling, you can contact Call2Recycle at 1-877-RECYCLE (1-877-273-2925) or visit to find a list of the drop-off locations closest to you. Battery disposal standards and requirements vary by state. Please visit or call the EPA directly at 1-800-424-9346.

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