Storm Mode

While we are always performing preventative maintenance on batteries, generators, fuel levels, etc., we do some heightened preparation when we know of an impending weather event in an area.

Before the Weather Event

  • Verify emergency power (fuel, generator run time, mobile generators)
  • Verify emergency back-ups
  • Check facilities preparations (ex. Sandbags, rock salt, plastic tarps, plywood, toolkits, etc.)
  • Verify vehicle preparation (ex. current maintenance, spare fuel, tires, chains, etc.)
  • Verify other supplies (ex. Water, med kits, emergency blankets, etc.)

After the Weather Event

  • Ensure areas are safe for field techs to travel to
  • If needed, maintain generators and back ups
  • Assess damage to facilities and any line damage in the general service area
  • Work to fix these items as quickly and safely as possible to get your services restored
  • Note that power needs to be restored to facilities. Also, any downed electrical lines or trees need to be cleared before Kinetic field techs can safely do their work
  • If you're experiencing a power outage at your house, you will not have internet until your power comes back on.

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