Billing Procedures

Cable services are billed one month in advance. Partial month charges will be included on your bill if you add or change services between billing dates. Customers agree to pay us monthly by the payment due date as shown on their cable bill and for any administrative fees due to late payments or other charges due us. Customers agree to pay all federal, state, local and user taxes, franchise fees and other charges, if any, which we may now or in the future be assessed. Billing rates are subject to periodic adjustment as permitted by franchise agreements and federal law. Customers may pay for multiple months of service in advance if that is more convenient. However, no discounts are generally given for advance payment. If changes in rates occur after advance payments are made, customers are responsible for any adjusted rates as of the applicable rate change effective date.

To ensure your account is properly credited, mail your check or money order along with the remittance stub to the address printed on your bill. Please write your account number and service address on your check or money order and allow five to seven days for processing. DO NOT MAIL CASH. To ensure prompt attention, please write your inquiries or requests on a separate piece of paper rather than on the bill itself. Payments received after the due date are subject to a late charge. In addition, service may be disconnected and collection proceedings initiated if the account is past due. A late fee will apply to all account balances not paid by the due date stated on your cable bill. If you change the service you receive, we may charge you a change of service fee. Any disputed charges or billing discrepancies must be brought to our attention during the current billing month or all charges will be considered accepted by the customer.

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