Cable TV Converters

We can provide you with a converter box or digital receiver if your TV set cannot receive all cable channels on the Basic or Expanded Basic line-ups. (A monthly fee will be assessed for the use of this box.) Additionally, converters and remotes with basic functions and features are available from various independent retail vendors. The converter box will allow you to receive all unscrambled cable channels.

You may need a converter box if you do not have fully cable-ready equipment such as a TV, VCR and/or or other video device with a built-in tuner. The use of certain types of converter boxes may deactivate the use of some television features such as picture in picture.

In some areas, digital channels may require a digital receiver or cable card that is leased from the cable company. To use a converter, make sure your TV is set to the designated output channel (02,03 or 04), and make sure the converter is connected to your cable line, your TV, VCR, or DVD player.

High Definition cable channels may require an HD receiver or an HD cable card that can be leased from the cable company. In areas where the service is available, unencrypted reception channels can be picked up by a commercial QAM receiver.

In certain areas HD digital video recorders are also available for lease. These provide easy recording and playback of cable programming. The DVR also allows simultaneous recording of two channels, and allows a customer to pause and rewind the cable channel being viewed.

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