Cable TV Protection Plus Coverage

Windstream Cable Television is responsible for all cable wiring up to 12 inches beyond the grounding point normally located or installed on the outside of the customer's residence. The customer is responsible for cable wiring from that point. A large percentage of trouble reports are caused by inside wiring, cable outlets or jacks and customer-owned equipment.

In some areas Windstream offers the option of subscribing to Cable TV Protection Plus, a service that provides protection from repair costs when a problem is found with the customer's inside cable wiring or existing cable outlets. Cable TV Protection Plus includes the repair or replacement of existing approved cable outlets and inside cable wiring. All inside cable wiring repairs are subject to Windstream's discretion for post-wiring standards and doesn't include cable wiring that runs through inside walls. The addition or moving of existing cable outlets or jacks is not included. Cable TV Protection Plus does not cover customer-owned equipment connected to the wiring or intentional damage to inside wiring. Cable TV Protection Plus added on a repair call/visit will be billed at a standard monthly rate.

A service call charge may be applied if a problem is found in the customer's wiring. However, in areas where the service is available, the customer may take the Cable TV Protection Plus inside wiring protection plan for 12 months and repairs will be made on up to four existing outlets for a one-time activation fee. If a customer chooses not to take the Cable Protection Plus plan, inside wire repairs can be made on a time/material basis. If a customer chooses not to take the Cable TV Protection Plus plan, or doesn't want us to repair the inside-wiring problem, then a service call fee will be applied.

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