Parental Control

If you desire channel blocking or parental control to prevent children in the household from viewing some channels or programs, your TV set may provide parental control. If your TV set does not accommodate parental control, in most locations Windstream Cable offers a device to block channels. This device can be purchased by special order and may require a prepayment. Digital customers may set parental controls themselves via the on-screen menu. This is accomplished by pressing the Menu button on the remote, choosing the Parental Control option and then follow the on-screen instructions.

On Motorola receivers, from the Main Menu, highlight the "Parents" icon and press "OK." Follow on-screen instructions to enter a four-digit PIN. A rating level or channel can be locked by highlighting it and then pressing "Lock."

On Scientific Atlanta equipment, press "Menu" on the remote control, and press the "Up/Down" setting to activate Parental Control. Press "Select" to enter a four-digit PIN.

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