What is Kinetic Secure?

Every new internet-connected device in your home network is a potential back door into your digital life. Criminals can use connected devices to access your home network, hijack your devices and steal your valuable data.

Kinetic Secure creates a secure network in your home providing internet virus protection for all your connected devices – desktop computers and phones to smart TVs, gaming consoles and baby monitors – protecting your privacy from hackers and criminals that are after your personal information.

Kinetic Secure defends your family from cybercrime by blocking dangerous viruses, malware and ransomware and securing your online identity, data and transactions.

Kinetic Secure Internet Security and Internet Security On the Go even keeps you and your devices safe from online threats — like viruses, trojans, and ransomware, when outside the home.

With advanced parental controls, Kinetic Secure helps create a healthy online environment for your family with content filters and time limits.

In addition, with Kinetic Secure you get 24/7/365 enhanced technical support to help you solve issues with device connectivity, installation, activation or ongoing problems so you can stay connected and secure and troubleshoot the Wi-Fi for all your devices. You’ll get your very own virtual IT department available all the time.

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