Learn More About Upgrades in Lexington

Network Upgrades in Lexington

Windstream is committed to providing faster speeds in Lexington. Over the next few months, we’ll be upgrading our network in these areas to provide speeds starting at 50 Mbps to our customers.

Click on the map below to find out which areas we’ll upgrade to Windstream’s faster Kinetic Internet speeds.

 A picture of the network upgrades in Lexington, Kentucky

Kinetic in Your Home

Windstream’s Kinetic services allow you to connect, stream, play games and do everything you love online. Find out if your home may be qualified for our all-in-one Kinetic experience.

Kinetic Internet by windstream logo.

Kinetic Internet

A fast, reliable connection for better performance.

Connect with friends and family. Get things done. Or just surf uninterrupted with this low-price internet service.

Kinetic gig by windstream logo.

Kinetic Gig

THE fastest speed around.      

Experience the Internet like never before at 1 Gbps with this ultra-reliable, 100% fiber-optic network service.

Kinetic tv by windstream logo.

Kinetic TV

All of the shows you love and a whole lot more.

Record up to 4 programs at once, explore our extensive Video-on-Demand list, and enjoy HD at no extra cost with this add-on service.

Learn More About Upgrades in Lexington

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