A compass icon.

Better Navigation

View all of your inbox options in tabs at the top of your inbox.

A chat icon.

Organized Conversations

Read and respond to your emails in an all-new conversation format.

A Calendar Icon.


Now you manage your calendar within our webmail.

A world icon.

Email On-The-Go

Access your email wherever you are with a new and improved mobile experience.

A reply icon.

Faster Replies

Answer your emails right within the reading pane.

A search icon.

Improved Search

Find what you want faster with newly organized search results.

An undo icon.

Easy Fixes

Use the undo option to revert unwanted changes, like deleting or moving an email.

An email icon.

Email the Way You Want it

Use the preferences tab to easily customize your email experience.

An eye icon.

Better Previews

See your calendar and emails at a glance.


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